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The High Plains Alternative Energy Institute

The High Plains Alternative Energy InstituteOur primary emphasis is wind, solar and other alternative energy sources, through certain research and education. We are proud to be the major information resource of wind energy for the High Plains States. Our group provides information on training, installations, as well as promotion of innovative ideas and theories related to renewable technologies. Our association is the voice of alternative energy in the Plains States and continually strives to look for ways in which the association can minimize its environmental footprint, both internally and when it conducts or hosts events for members and others. By harnessing the power of the sun, wind, and water, people around the planet are producing their own pollution-free power right at their own home or business. “Going Green” is a required "public appearance" for any company, government or school that will be moving forward in the next few years.


Solar PanelsOur Group provides

  • Research, development, and design of renewable energy systems review and
    rating components for wind and other renewable energy (RE) systems
  • Classes
  • Seminars
  • Workshops, training programs, publications, and information dissemination
  • Consulting for industry, governments, and individuals


Our Vision

Alternative Energy Works for the High Plain’s People, it’s Economy, Environment and Energy Security.

Our Mission and Goals

To promote alternative power growth through advocacy, communication, safety and education.


The Plan    Winds of Change Producing the Energy of Tomorrow!


Membership Information

Turbine InstallationThank you for your interest in a membership. Your membership will help our group as we seek to communicate, educate, support wind advocates, and support the development of synergistic opportunities among people who are interested in wind issues.

Two kinds of memberships:

Voting members have a unique opportunity to help shape the future of the organization and alternative energy in the region and is only for companies based or related to the High Plains area which provide alternative energy services or products.

General members are critically important to the long-term success of our group, utilities, Academic Institutions, corporate, associate, public sector, and individual memberships. Please consider one of these memberships for yourself or your organization.


About Wind Power

WindGenWind power is the fastest growing forms of new electricity generation in the U.S.  In 2007, 35% of all new generation capacity added to the electric grid in the U.S. was from wind power projects. In fact in  the Plains States wind projects accounted for as much as 90% of all new power generation.  Electric utilities are increasingly adding wind power to their power supply portfolios, as a clean, inexhaustible, and domestic source of electric generation.  Wind is a clean, inexhaustible, indigenous energy resource that can generate enough electricity to power millions of homes and businesses. The United States can currently generate more than 25,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity from the wind, which is enough to power about 7 million average American homes. Industry experts predict that, with proper development, wind energy could provide 20% of this nation's energy needs. The US Department of Energy (DOE) released a report that examines the technical feasibility of harnessing wind power to provide up to 20 percent of the nation's total electricity needs by 2030. A 20 percent wind contribution to US electricity supply would:

  1. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation by 25 percent in 2030;
  2. Reduce natural gas use by 11 percent;
  3. Reduce water consumption associated with electricity generation by 4 trillion gallons by 2030;
  4. Increase annual revenues to local communities to more than $1.5 billion by 2030; and
  5. Support roughly 500,000 jobs in the United States, with more than 150,000 workers directly employed by the wind industry.


The AC power grid system is the weakest link in being able to supply green power to the U.S. homes and businesses.

The following map shows installed megawatts (MW) for each state:

Wind Power Capacity Map