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ComSpin C 8000

Continuous and Unlimited Operation of Telecom Sites

As the need for connectivity continues to grow extensively, more telecommunications equipment such as cellular base stations and satellite communication devices are installed in urban as well as remote locations. Small wind turbines can be cost-effectively used to power such telecommunication sites.

Wind power secures constant power supply, which is crucial for telecom services and reduces the need for ongoing maintenance such as fuel and equipment transportation. Reliable energy supply and significant cost savings, increase wind power competitiveness and turn it into the best energy choice for telecom and network operators.


ComSpin C wind power solutions are designed to power a wide range of telecom sites at grid-connected and off-grid locations worldwide. Installed on a telecom tower, the ComSpin C is best suited as a stand-alone power source as well as a hybrid solution with additional power sources, such as diesel generators or photovoltaic cells. ComSpin C is an ideal powering solution for:

  • TV and radio stations
  • Cellular base stations
  • Landline telephone exchange hubs
  • Wireless internet sites
  • Monitoring stations
  • and many more…

ComSpin S wind power solutions - for satellite communication devices


  • Reliable and maintenance-free operation at wider range of wind speeds
  • Unmatched efficiency of up to 45% guaranteeing more power generation
  • Unsurpassed silent and vibration-free operation ensuring interference free environment for the telecom equipment
  • Light weight and lower load enabling installation on telecom towers


  • Lowest cost of ownership
    • Quick and cost saving installation enabled by utilizing the existing telecom towers made possible due to low loads  and vibration-free operation
    • More power generation in wider wind ranges
    • Maintenance free, renewable energy, best serving stand-alone telecom applications (saving fuel transportation and logistics operations expenses)
  • Top efficiency and reliability
    • Robust and reliable operation yielding continuous, uninterrupted power generation
    • Power generation in low winds (2.5m/s) as well as survival wind of 200km/h (55m/s)
  • Silent and vibration free operation under all wind conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation of telecom equipment



2.2kw ComSpin

2.2kw ComSpin

ComSpin C 2200 Specifications (pdf)

4kw ComSpin

4kw ComSpin

ComSpin C 4000 Specifications (pdf)

8kw ComSpin

8kw ComSpin

ComSpin C 8000 Specifications (pdf)

13kw ComSpin

13kw ComSpin

ComSpin C 13000 Specifications (pdf)


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