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90 KW V-17

90 KW V-17 Specifications (pdf)

V-17 90kwRSI Wind remanufactured Turbines are units that have been skillfully de-installed from large wind farms of the late 1990’s, to make room for larger wind turbines.  They have been upgraded to all new 21st century invertors and controls.  This creates a nice cost effective inventory of wind turbines for medium sized wind projects.  The main moving components of these turbines have been re-manufactured to new or better than new standards.  The controls, gearbox, hub, generator and hydraulic system are all thoroughly remanufactured and restored or replaced.  Experienced turbine mechanics evaluate the condition of the remanufactured turbine and they come with a full technical report of the remanufacturing process.

The VESTAS V-17 is a Perfect Match for large energy consumers that are looking for a cost effective way to reduce their peak demand charges:

  • Farms
  • Businesses
  • Cities & Towns
  • Production Facilities
  • Feedlots
  • Towns



V-17 Specs

Rated Power(KW) 90 KW
Start-up Speed 7.8 mph
Cut-out Speed 62 mph
Rotor Diameter 56 ft
Hub Height 80 ft
Orientation Up-wind
Tower Type Free-standing