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PowerSpin TSW 2200

Green and Cost-Effective Energy for Powering Residential and Commercial Sites

More than environment-friendly and clean, wind power is also the most cost effective renewable power source for residential and commercial use. Governments and authorities around the world encourage the use of wind power through extensive regulation and significant economic incentives.

Small wind power systems offer a remarkable reduction in utility bills to individuals and businesses, while operating as a standalone or in combination with the electricity grid. Furthermore, small wind power systems offer cost effective powering solutions to remote, off-grid locations.

TechnoSpin wind power solutions present clear advantages for residential and commercial users, such as a short return-on-investment with minimum logistics, and of course, a cleaner, totally eco-friendly way to power the site.

PowerSpin wind turbines provide wind power solutions for residential and commercial sites, substantially reducing utility bills by combining grid power supply and cost-effective renewable energy. Furthermore, PowerSpin offers an affordable and reliable power supply for residential and commercial users in remote locations that are not connected to the central power grid.

PowerSpin is an ideal alternative energy solution for:

  • Residential rooftop or tower installations
  • Commercial rooftop and tower installations
  • Mini wind farms in open areas
  • Lighting (buildings, roads etc.)
  • Advertising boards
  • Grid back-up systems
  • Battery charging
  • and many more cost-saving, green applications…


  • More power generation as a result of superior efficiency (up to 45%) and low start-up wind speed, generating power already at 2.5m/s.
  • Efficient operation at a wide range of wind velocities
  • Silent, vibration-free operation enabling rooftop and tower installations
  • Light weight and lower load allows for smaller poles


  • Economical, green energy
    • Significant economic government incentives
    • Reduced utility bills
    • Revenue generation from selling power to the utility company
  • Quicker return of investment compared to alternatives
    • Quick and cost-saving installation on rooftops, utilizing smaller poles
    • Maximum power generation via unmatched utilization (up to 45%), efficiently guaranteeing power even at low winds
    • Maintenance free, renewable energy
  • Unmatched silent and vibration-free operation
    • Enables rooftop installation and prevents additional space requirements
    • Quiet, non-interrupting operation in all wind regimes



2.2kw PowerSpin

2.2kw PowerSpin

PowerSpin TSW 2200 Specifications (pdf)

4kw PowerSpin

4kw PowerSpin

PowerSpin TSW 4000 Specifications (pdf)

8kw PowerSpin

8kw PowerSpin

PowerSpin TSW 8000 Specifications (pdf)

13kw PowerSpin

13kw PowerSpin

PowerSpin TSW 13000 Specifications (pdf)


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