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Large Wind Turbines

Refurbished Large Turbine

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and remanufactured wind turbines and farms from 10kw to over 1 mw.

Large WindGen ConstructionRSI Wind has “the whole package” it sells, plans, and installs wind turbines for your city, school, business or farm. We also plan community and utility scale wind farms. We can help you to obtain state grants, establish renewable energy credits and project electric engineering for your business. RSI WindGens and Larger units will help to lower the nation’s carbon footprint by reducing carbon dioxide emissions which contribute to global warming and climate change. With an estimated pay back (ROI) of 5-8 years, the project represents a long-term business decision that is expected to help insure economic viability.

The V20 and V27 are well tried and tested products with many thousands of installations worldwide, The V 20-27’s provide their owners with a working example of best-of-breed wind energy technology.  All the large turbines are carefully inspected and refurbished with a warranty.

Refurbished VestasThe refurbished Vestas V-15/17/20 turbines have a blade diameter of approximately 15m, 17m, and 20m (66 feet) the V 20 is mounted on tubular towers, with an 80 foot hub height.  The V- 20 has an installed capacity of 120kW in 3 phase power.

Refurbished Vestas V-27s are a work horse wind generator. The turbines produce 3 phase power that connects directly to the grid. The 225kW Vestas V27 is ideally suited to the more power hungry needs of larger farms, community projects, council premises and commercial properties, generating approximately 400MWh per year on a typical site, and more in windier locations.

V-27 estimated annual production: Average wind speed of 13 mph = 458,000 Kwh/year. Average wind speed of 15.4 mph = 636,000 Kwh/year. Average wind speed of 17.6 mph =s 795,000 Kwh/year.

At a particular location, the wind speed will vary about an annual mean value. The expected energy yields for the Vestas V27 at various annual wind speeds (AMWS) is shown below: Note: The annual electricity consumption of a medium size home is in the region of 4-6 MWh or 11-16 kWh per day. At 6 m/s wind speed the Vestas V27 can provide the annual energy needs for 100 homes.

AMWS m/s Annual MWh
4 128
5 255
6 411
7 575
8 734
9 878
Large Wind Turbines


System Specifications:

Tower Height: 106.5 feet
Hub Height: 110 ft.
Material: Hot dip-galvanized steel and  painted white.
Generator: rated at 225 Kw at 32.6 mph. RPMs range from 760-1008
Output: 480 VAC/3-phase/60 Hz.

Cut-in Wind Speed: 8 mph
Cut-out Wind Speed: 55 mph, Variable pitch, disc brake back up.
Survivial Wind Speed: 120 mph.

Rotor: Three Variable pitch blades, 88.6 feet in diameter, up wind orientation, clockwise rotation, Fiberglass reinforced polyester with a swept area of  6,165 Feet.

Safety: Nacelle reached by inside tower ladder with 3/8” safety-climb cable and has a lockable door.
Large WindGen Interior
Interior View of a Large Wind Turbine


Large Wind TurbinesRSI offers these turbines with a full 5 year warranty and all inclusive service program, ensuring complete peace of mind that the turbine will be operational during the expected payback period. It may be expected however that these turbines will last for many more years if properly maintained.


  • Remote Monitoring
  • Instruction & Training
  • Safety Training
  • Scheduled Inspection
  •  Scheduled Maintenance
  • “This project will reduce demand for carbon-based energy production, increase regional renewable energy generation and create an economic model that proves the investment in wind energy makes good business sense.”



RSI Wind Remanufactured Turbines - The units have been skillfully de-installed from large wind farms of the 1990’s, to make room for larger wind turbines and upgrade to all new 21th century invertors and controls. This creates a nice cost effective inventory of wind turbines for community wind projects. The main moving components of these turbines have been re-manufactured to new or better than new standards. The controls, gearbox, hub, generator, hydraulic system are all thoroughly remanufactured and restored or replaced.  Experienced turbine mechanics evaluate the condition of the remanufactured turbine.  These turbines come with a full technical report of the remanufacturing processes.

Old & New TurbinesAvailability
RSI Wind is now taking enquiries for the Vestas V20, V27 and V39 with an expected lead time of 3 - 6 months from order.

Other Reconditioned Turbines
RSI is your source and is able to offer a number of different models, sizes and tower heights of re-conditioned turbines. The price and availability of specific models varies constantly over time so it is not possible to list all the different turbines here. We can, however, usually source turbines from 75kW – 1MW.  Call RSI Wind about your needs, we know that we can help.



Large Wind TurbineRSI’s remanufacturer will inspect and replace all parts as needed:

  • Verification of mechanical tolerances of all parts
  • Gearbox inspected and rebuilt as required, check endplay, replace seals if needed, and fill with new gear oil.
  • Brake unit: Replace and test magnetic brake unit and electric motor.
  • Yaw System: Meg yaw motor. Inspect yaw bearing and adjust yaw pinion gear to yaw ring.
  • Generator: Meg large generator. Main Shaft: Inspect/replace main-shaft bearing, seals, and coupler.
  • Anemometer: Test RPM sensor, anemometer and wind vane up-grade as needed.
  • Controller: Upgrade unit check, test controller and set parameters.
  • Blades: Inspect blades, balance and match set replace as required.

Large Wind TurbineDescription of the Refurbished/Reconditioning Process:

  • Tower/Head: Inspect/replace as needed welds, bearings, blast & paint, the unit will have new base bolts. Major axis and adjust on-axis coupling, Analysis of state of the “I / F” with the hub, Replacement of bearings and seals on hatches. Verification of tolerances in bearing seat shaft and bearings,
  • Gearbox: Check the stage trains, both primary and secondary for backlash and endplay, replace seals and Verification of tolerances throughout the box. Hydraulic System Cleaning and priming circuit Pressure and leak test Change seals, filters, fittings Verification of pressure level and vibration load, and repaint.
  • Brake unit: Pressure test, replace pads, leading lines (hoses), and rebuild brake caliper - as needed. Meg and test brake motor.
  • Yaw system: Meg and test yaw motor. Inspect yaw gearbox, fill with fluid. Inspect, adjust slide shoes, or replace if needed
  • Generator: Disassemble generators, re-dip armatures, and replace bearings. For small generator, check, adjust or replace belts. Test and adjust RPM sensor. Dynamic test analyzes noise and vibration and Thermal Verification test and paint unit.
  • Main shaft: Inspect bearings and seals. Check for wear and end play.
  • Anemometer: Upgrade and test anemometer and wind vane.
  • Controller: Tighten all terminations and test the upgraded unit.
  • Blades: Inspect tips; replace bushings, pins, if needed. Balance blades to each other.
  • In most cases upgrade to all new 21th century invertors and replace wiring