RSI Wind: Wind Turbines & Stealth Towers RSI Wind: Wind Turbines & Stealth Towers

RSI Wind

Stealth Towers

Special Stealth/Concealed towers for dual use as telecom/cell antenna towers and Green wind power for your sites. Towers up to 160’ with three Cellular, PCS or LTE carriers.

  • Aesthetically appealing, the “Legacy Windmill Design” looks familiar to you and your telecom sites neighbors.  
  • Low Cost: Build the tower and receive a 30% grant or tax credit. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (H.R. 1) allows taxpayers eligible for the federal renewable electricity production tax credit (PTC) to take the federal business energy investment tax credit (ITC) or to receive a grant from the U.S. Treasury Department instead of taking the PTC for new installations. The new law also allows taxpayers eligible for the business ITC to receive a grant from the U.S. Treasury Department instead of taking the business ITC for new installations
  • RSI WindGen with AntennasNo FAA approval needed 
  • Wind loading to meet TIA standards 
  • Easy to Install
  • Antenna mounts can be designed for your needs

USERS would include:

  • City, County, State and Federal government
  • Cell/PCS/LTE, Broadband
  • Utility and Railroad
  • Sites near schools, mountain tops, lakes and parks


Build it as a “Green energy site”  first
then add telecom antennas later!

  • The Windgen is very suitable for coastal applications and is TIA rated for coastal environments.
  • No guy-wires (along with their associated big footprint).
  • Windgen units work well for off-grid and wind-diesel and hybrid applications and are an excellent choice for any off-grid and wind-diesel/solar applications. RSI can work with you specifically on these types of applications. The WindGen has a very robust design, and is built to Mil spec’s.
  • The WindGen is suitable for Mt. tops and Arctic applications


Go Green with RSI: Wind power supplies affordable, renewable energy to the economy. Wind energy does not cause pollution, generate hazardous wastes or deplete natural resources. Finally, since wind energy depends on wind, a free fuel source, it’s a way to secure low-cost electricity for the future.


Dual Use Wind TurbineTelecom sites
Most telecom sites usually have good wind resources, because they have high local elevation for their tower.

Wind and solar systems are intermittent, so some backup system is required to deliver reliable 24-hour “utility-grade” power.  Many sites use Grid tie-in or back-up generators.  With the grid tie, when the site is producing power, the owner can sell it back. 

Most all telecom sites already have backup batteries.  For continuous loads from a hybrid system with wind, solar, and a 2 - 7 day battery bank can power a site without need for a back-up generator.  Using both wind and solar will reduce the battery bank size and the total cost compared to solar-only or wind-only systems.

For larger loads, like a FM broadcast station site, a hybrid system with a back-up generator will generally be more cost-effective. 

The “RSI Rule” The more difficult the fuel delivery, or the farther away the site is from the grid power, the more attractive the WindGen option will be.

Per AWEA, Wind turbines do not interfere with transmission signals.  Sometimes the antennas and the wind turbines share the same tower, as the RSI stealth concealed windmill tower type. The WindGen tower provides for dual use as telecom antenna tower and provides Green wind power for the site.


Stealth/Concealed Tips
Cellular sites are everywhere.  If you look closely you can see them on billboards, electrical lines, church steeples, flag poles, grain silos, smokestacks, and many other places that you pass daily.  Experts say that over one hundred thousand additional cell sites will be build in the next 10 years.  Both community and zoning requirements for high quality concealed cell sites are increasing. For the wireless industry, a stealth cell site can speed zoning approvals. Our product can help remove opposition to cell tower placement by creating a stealth cell site that is also a green energy producing site.  Most communities’ want to believe they are environmentally conscious.  We all want to be good stewards to mother earth.  Therefore, getting a ‘legacy windmill designed’ stealth site through zoning much faster and easier then with the traditional non concealed site.  Concealed towers blend in with their surrounding and most people have to take a double look to find the site.

Carriers can save a huge amount in cost and time if they provide the option of a concealed site.  Many times municipalities will give them a streamlined zoning process.  This benefits both the carrier and the municipality as communities need proper cellular expansion in order for citizens to fully utilize services.  Carriers can justify the expense of a customized concealed site by the time and money saved in zoning and fighting the municipality in court.  With the WindGen Solution carriers also qualify for a 30% tax credit/grant so the cost is immediately reduced by 30%.  How could it get much better? Less hassle with zoning and a lower cost site for the carrier; while the municipality enjoys wireless coverage, an additional revenue stream, and a site that blends into the landscape, seems like everyone is a winner with this option. Some developers are even building the WindGen First as a “Green Site” then adding the antennas later; making zoning even less painful!

Tips for a Stealth/Concealed site, the WindGen’s “Legacy Windmill Design” is key.

In order to be stealth the site must blend into its surroundings:

  • Don’t add antennas like you would on a standard tower (You want a low profile as it’s designed to be concealed and hard to find where the antennas are located)
  • Work with your antenna manufacture and suppliers for stealth type antennas that fit on the WindGen design
  • Have the supplier match the paint on the tower to their antennas
  • Remember that on a stealth site you may not be able to use 3 to 6 foot panels per sector. The goal is to get wireless service to the area but not to be readily visible.
  • Don’t plan on having the site pay for its self by loading it up with antennas (it will not pass zoning). You are going to be streamlining the zoning process and producing energy to power the site. You can pay for the site this way as opposed to making your stealth site non stealth by loading it down with transmitters.
  • Remember 30%, and up to 70% in some states, is already paid for since it is a Green site (see grants for you area. RSI can help).

RSI Goes GreenMeet your “green energy needs and back-up power requirements” while providing an aesthetically appealing site.  At the same time cut the cost by 30% with grants or tax credits!

RSI Green Energy Solution: Go green now, companies, schools and individuals it is time under the new U.S. Stimulus Package and small wind tax credits for homeowners and businesses


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