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RSI-ComTrain Joint Training

RSI & Comtrain Joint Training

RSI Wind and ComTrain are pleased to offer this 3 day Wind Tower Competent Climber/Rescuer and a 10 hour OSHA Class


RSI and ComTrain are the undisputed leaders in tower training and have been for over a decade.

Real World Examples and Experiences!This team uses “real world examples and experiences” to bring these issues into focus with appropriate work practices for the student's understanding. Our training is recommended in order to understand OSHA’s requirements and learn how to be safe regarding Wind towers and wind farms safety issues. Attendees in this class include individuals from OSHA to all the major windfarm operators and contractors; State and federal municipalities to corporate and individual site management groups. If you can think of a sector within in Telecom towers or Windfarm, they have probably attended a RSI or ComTrain course.

The wind tower industry is growing by leaps & bounds.  We are here to help you
continue in this industry regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new employee.
ComTrain’s mission is to improve the safety of persons in occupations involving extreme verticals. We locate, test and design equipment, and work with technologies.  RSI's Mission Statement is "Safety Through Education" procedures that reduce serious injuries and death in this highly-specialized industry.

Seasoned Tower Technicians!RSI and ComTrain LLC provides classes, conveniently located throughout the States and worldwide, that set the standards for professional tower technicians.

We combine the experience and skills of seasoned tower technicians, accredited teachers, writers and safety professionals to provide solutions. RSI and ComTrain LLC courses meet, or exceed, regulations and standards while remaining workable, efficient and cost effective in the unique environment of the tower worker.

Program Administration & Documentation; the Participants will receive instruction on the administrative management of fall protection & rescue training programs. Including the required documentation of the student performance, both through written exams and “on the tower real world” proficiency tests. The student will be a Competent Person to climb wind towers.

This course also meets the training requirements for Bechtel, Black & Veatch and most other major contracting organizations.

Upon completion of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the following areas in wind tower fall protection and rescue instruction: Regulatory Standards & Guidelines Course meets all relevant OSHA, ANSI, TIA, AWEA and CSA Standards for fall protection and rescue and will receive a 10 HR OSHA  card from OSHA

Comtrain Class ComTrain Class ComTrain Class


ComTrain Course Agenda

  • Fall Protection & Rescue Theory and Safety
  • EvaluationRange/Application of Systems & Equipment
  • Anchorages and Anchorage Selection
  • Clearance Requirements
  • Full Body Harnesses and Absorbing Lanyards
  • Connectors and Ladder Climbing Devices
  • Work Positioning Systems
  • Rope and Knots
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Pre-Climb Systems
  • Fall Restraint Systems and Self-Retracting Lifelines

Equipment Inspection

  • Equipment Inspection
  • Vertical Lifelines & Rope Grabs
  • Secondary Protection Requirements
  • Structural Ascent
  • Self-Rescue and Descent Control
  • Instructor Rope Belay Techniques
  • Ladder Climbing Systems and Rescue to be covered under the RSI 10 OSHA also
  • Energy Absorbing Lanyard Rescue
  • Qualified use of two industry common rescue systems
  • Job Safe Review  (JSR/JSA)
  • Procedures & Planning for Rescue Practical
  • Predetermined Rescue Plans for Skills Practical
  • Site-Specific Practical Skills Development

Comtrain Training

RSI Course Agenda

General Awareness of Hazardous Conditions at Wind Farms Sites and OSHA Law

Hazard Communications and SPCC:

  • OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.
  • Waste Disposal Procedures.
  • SPCC Plan and Training.
Personal Protective Equipment & Work Practices:
  • When personal protective equipment is necessary.
  • What type personal protective equipment is necessary?
  • How to properly fit and wear personal protective equipment.
  • What are the limitations of personal protective equipment?
  • How to properly inspect, care, maintain, and dispose of personal protective equipment.
Ladder Safety / Fall Protection overview:
  • Nature of fall hazards in the work area.
  • Procedures and practices to minimize fall hazards.
  • Proper use, placement, and care in handling of all ladders.
  • Maximum intended load-carrying capacities of ladders used.

Ladder Safety

Electrical Safety
  • Electrical safety overview.
  • Lockout/Tag out
  • Reviewing Electrical Safety Related Work Practices:
    • Recognition of applicable hazardous energy sources.
    • Type and magnitude of the energy available in the workplace
    • Methods and means necessary for energy isolation and control
Confined Space overview CFR 1910.146
  • What is a confined space?
  • Confined or Enclosed Space information
  • Isolated-hazard confined space OSHA 2009 update
  • Oxygen Deficiency
  • Finding recognized serious safety or health hazard before working

Fire Safety Overview

ComTrain Class

The General Duty Section (Section 5 (A)  which is known as OSHA’s catchall clause. This clause can be used for issuing violations on any other hazards at the site.

COURSE DURATION: 3 Days (+30 Hours)
CLASS SIZE: Open enroll format criterion-Student/Instructor Ratio determined by class size
DOCUMENTATION: 10 hour OSHA Card and RSI ComTrain Graduation Certificates
Wallet Cards. RSI and ComTrain will maintain records of all training for future reference. Certification documents, proving that the student successfully mastered the published material and exercises.
 Course meets all relevant OSHA, ANSI, TIA, AWEA and CSA Standards for fall protection and rescue

Comtrain Certificate RSI & OSHA Cards Earn Your 10-Hour OSHA Card!

This team is the forerunner in client resolution and the real leader
in the field of tower technical and safety services!


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